We are a small Belgium-based studio located in Oostduinkerke, a little cosy coastal village. where we are committed to create unique and enduring handcrafted designs.

Inspired by our surroundings and the natural beauty of wood to create one-of-a-kind statement pieces that are fun and will last a lifetime.

our typical workflow goes like this

Every day is a mission. Every mission starts with a cup (or two) of coffee (black), a fruity breakfast and a solid lunch plan. Once the meal problem is solved it’s task-time. There are days we make, days we plan, and of course days of rest (that usually involve casual ideation). More often than not, our days are a combination of all three; planning the next idea, while making the last. When the day is done we put it to bed with a solid dinner and the occasional gin to cap it off.

Mission accomplished.