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Diamond - chopping board

Meet our most robust, long-lasting, thick, and yet very design chopping board! Due to its asymmetric handcut sides it sure is family of a pure diamond. Made of 100% 38mm oak, this kitchen necessity is built to last.

The Diamond chopping board comes in different sizes, be it a bit bigger than our 'usual' chopping boards. This diamond chopping board lasts for years on end, if you take good care of it of course. 

Treat it completely with the oil you'll receive for free when ordering a chopping board. Treat it every once in a while and most important don't ever put it in a dishwasher. Remember, this chopping board is 100% oak and thus 100% natural. It only wants to feel the soft touch of tap water and your hands while cleaning.


Feel like giving this chopping board as a gift and want to add text? No problem! For a little extra, we'll make this chopping board even more perfect. 


In dezelfde familie van onze dikke Diamond snijplank vind je de 'Diamond Mini'. Ideaal als apero-plank, serveerplank en dankzij zijn lichtgewicht een gemak in gebruik.

Ook deze snijplank met liefde behandelen (lees: zuiver water en geregeld behandelen) zodat je er jaren mee verder kan.

Supertip als cadeau trouwens, want je kan deze plank personaliseren met je eigen tekst. Laat de anderen op die manier tonen dat je aan hen denkt in deze bizarre tijden!









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